Dark theatreNo, I don’t mean a notebook like you take to class and scribble take important notes on and in. This Drama Notebook is a fabulous resource for drama teachers on the internet, and a fantastic source of daily drama exercises for teachers and students on Facebook.

Being involved in Drama (Theatre) is a great way to develop skills in many areas of life and of school. A study done by UCLA (University of California, Los Angeles) showed that arts education helped kids do better in school, and score better on standardized tests. The organization Americans for the Arts has a report on that study in their “Monographs” series, as well as many other publications that show how important the arts are for kids.

Let’s see how THE DRAMA NOTEBOOK can help in this:

Janea Dahl  has worked in professional theatre, and also has led an outreach program that took drama into schools all over her state. Now she writes and shares her knowledge full time on The Drama Notebook, and teachers and students everywhere can benefit! Ms. Dahl has other people helping her as well: actors and drama teachers Buffie LaRocca and Chris Harder, as well as artist and drama teacher Kathryn Kramer Waters. You can read about them on this page of the website.

Teachers can join the site and find games and activities for their classes, plays and skits for their students to perform, lesson plans, teaching tips, the list goes on and on. There’s even a way for teachers to share activities that their classes have enjoyed! There’s a fee, but as their answer cat says in the FAQ section, that’s because there are so many resources available.

There’s also a very cool (and FREE) daily drama game posted on The Drama Notebook’s Facebook Page. Teachers and students who are on Facebook can click “Like” on that page, and see a new drama game to try in their news feed every day. (I can vouch for the coolness of these games and activities! I’ve been getting them in my newsfeed, and they’re great.)

Kids, why not show your teacher this website — maybe your teacher will sign up and you’ll get to do some of these awesome drama activities, plays, and lessons! And grown-ups, if you are a teacher, or if you know a teacher who might be interested in this, check it out. It looks great to me!

That’s all for today — see you on stage!

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